3 myśli nt. „Pusta skrzynka

  1. Experimented with ZC for a few weeks. Very bad results. Heart constantly pounding in chest, felt wir/a/nervouseanxious/physicdlly stressed out all the time. trouble falling asleep at night/had to drink at least 2-3 liters of water just to not feel dehydrated. Went to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine physician, who told me that eating only meat/fat/dairy/eggs with veggies and fruit had totally imbalanced my internal organs. Went back to eating white rice/veggies/little meat Now feel much better

  2. For the moment, my groups are ranking high in at least some searches, which makes me happy. But I am still not certain why some other groups appear where they do. In a search for EFL, Lumitoile (which appears to have nothing to do whatsoever with EFL of any kind – and my French is fluent, so it’s not for lack of understanding the description of the group that I say this) is ranked second.

  3. j'ai du mal avec Gimp ;-))) mais je pense qu'en cherchant un peu ss google (n'oubliez pas pr tt ce qui est tuto , google est votre ami :-D) tu devrais trouver quelque chose ;-))) (bon je t'aide pas là hein ;-))Merci encore pour tous vos coms !!!

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