Tuning Freevo: display feedback when manually seeking

There is a nice feature in Freevo that allows one to seek the currently playing movie to any given position. One just needs to press 0 on the remote control, then enter to which minute of the movie they wish to jump and press enter. For instance, pressing 0,6,0,ENTER would fast forward the movie to the first hour. Unfortunatelly, there is no visual feedback while pressing these keys. I thought it would be nice to see „Seek to:” in mplayer’s OSD when first pressed 0 and then see „Seek to: 6”, „Seek to: 60” while pressing next buttons.

I managed to do it in this way (source code editing necessary):

1. Went to the /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/freevo/video/plugins directory.

2. Opened up the mplayer.py file in text editor.

3. Found a line saying: def eventhandler(self, event, menuw=None):

4. Ten lines below def eventhandler there is a line saying:

if event == VIDEO_MANUAL_SEEK:

5. After that line there is


just add that line:

self.app.write('osd_show_text "seek to: "\n')

below the rc.set_context line (self.app.write should be left aligned with tabs the same way rc.set_context is).

6. Further in the file there is a line saying:

self.seek = self.seek * 10 + int(event)

just add the line:

self.app.write('osd_show_text "seek to: ' + str(self.seek) + '"\n')

below the self.seek line (self.app.write should be left aligned with tabs the same way self.seek is).

7. Saved the file, restarted Freevo and voila!, it’s almost working (I don’t know how to make it not disappear after a second, but it does give visual feedback).

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